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The Best of Normal Rockwell- a Celebration of 100 years

A sensational book for your library

  • Price: $44.50

The Children's Collection by Alice and Jade Starmore

A collectable treasure of 10 fantastic timeless Knitting designs for children

  • Price: $78.00

The Crewel Book By Becky Bell

A 34-page vintage crewel work design book by Becky Bell featuring 11 exciting designs

  • Price: $16.95

The Cross-Eyed Cricket #241

The Rabbits’ Big Day Cross Stitch Designs by Vicki Hastings

  • Price: $7.75

The Elegant Stitch 'Angie and Andy Angels' (TheElegantStitch_2)

A vintage Collection (circa 1980) of 11 Cross Stitch Angie and Andy Angel designs

  • Price: $13.25

The Finish Line Pre-cut Barnyard Mylar Stencils #914

Four Mylar pre-cut stencils plus some hand-cut designs for pillows, purses, edgings, bibs, even a Baby Afghan plus more

  • Price: $12.50

The Finish Line Pre-cut Christmas Mylar Stencils #913

Three Mylar sheets of pre-cut Christmas Stencils featuring over projects

  • Price: $12.50

The Finish Line Pre-cut Mylar Stencils #911

Four Mylar Sheets of Stencil Designs plus a Practice Sheet to make enticing projects such as wall decor, tennis racket, bibs, aprons, wooden accessories and more

  • Price: $12.50

The Finish Line Pre-cut Mylar Stencils #912

Three 8 1/“ x 11” sheets of Pre-Cut Stencils for pillows, napkins, aprons, bibs and many other uses

  • Price: $12.50

The Haapssalu Shawl by Siiri Reimann and Aime Edasi

An186-page hardback book on rge complete guide and history of the famous Estonian Haapsalu Knitted Lace Shawl by Siiri Reimann and Aimee Edasi

  • Price: $110.00

The Leprechaun Factory New Broom (Leprechaun_BP1)

The thrill of a New Bromm by Glynda Moore Sorrell

  • Price: $6.00

The Living Room In Plastic Canvas by Dick Martin

10 easy-to-make plastic canvas projects by Dick Martin

  • Price: $13.75

The Needle Course ‘Country Home Stencil #1983'

Country Home Design to Stitch and Stencil

  • Price: $7.25

The New Look in Accessories #301_V301

A splendid collection of 14 Knit and crochet accessories including pullovers, sweaters and vests

  • Price: $10.95

The Quilter Magazine 'QuilterMagazine_Summer/2006

A 100-page collection of fabulous quilts, all kinds of quilted ornaments, home decor ideas, appliques, exploratory challenges, hints and tips and more

  • Price: $13.95

The Scarlett Letter ‘More Alphabets’ (ScarletLetter_76444)

A 50-page massive collection of alphabet cross stitch charts from1530 to 1868 by Marsha Van Valin

  • Price: $24.00

The Spool Cotton Company 'Table Topics #123'

A rare Vintage Collectable (circa 1938) featuring over 20 nostalgic crochet designs of yesteryear

  • Price: $85.00

The Thorn Press ‘Knitted Shawls and Wraps #906374'

A Vintage Collectable (circa 1986’) featuring 18 exquisite designs including shawls, capes, veils and much more by Tessa Lorant

  • Price: $49.95

The Turnip Patch 'Home Sweet Home' (TurnipPatch_TP22)

Home Sweet Home in Cross Stitch by Frances and Rebecca Thoni

  • Price: $7.25

The Turnip Patch 'Thoughts of Love' (TurnipPatch_TP21)

6 Thoughts of Love Cross Stitch Charts by Frances and Rebecca Thoni

  • Price: $7.95

The Twelve Apostles by Pam Mullins (PamMullins_CC109)

The 12 Apostles Symbols in Cross Stitch

  • Price: $6.75

The Woman In Art Nouveau Decoration by Julius Klinger

A sensational guide for the creative graphic arts designer

  • Price: $11.95

The Working Craftsman Summer 1976

A unique 40-page magazine featuring sources, techniques and other items of yesteryear.

  • Price: $10.50

Thorobred #TB22

5 fashions to knit

  • Price: $8.25

Thorobred Angora/Alpaca/Silk #TB23

5 exciting fashions to knit

  • Price: $8.95

Thorobred Castle #1468

A stunning Jacket to Knit

  • Price: $8.25

Thorobred Castle Duo #1470

2 projects to Knit

  • Price: $8.25

Thorobred Castle Trio #1469

3 projects to Knit

  • Price: $8.25

Thorobred Pure Wool Brushed #185

A lacy vest to Knit

  • Price: $6.95

Thorobred Pure Wool Brushed #TB21

6 fashions to Knit

  • Price: $8.25

Threads Magazine Aug/Sept #36

Over 15 exciting projects and articles of interest

  • Price: $16.95

Three Chimneys Elegant Pull Thread (ThreeChimneys_1982)

2 Eyeglass Cases stitched by Pulled Thread

  • Price: $8.50

Three Needles ‘Bedroom Ideas’ (ThreeNeedles_81)

10 cross stitch designs plus alphabet charts by Linda and Wanda

  • Price: $9.75

Tiber 'Leaflet' (Tiber_Leaf2991)

A Vest to Knit

  • Price: $6.95

Tidewater Originals ‘The Legend of The Dogwood’ (Tidewater_86V)

The Legend of Dogwood Sampler for cross stitch by Virginia Creekman

  • Price: $6.95

Titan ‘The Beary Best #1661'

A Beary Best Stitchery kit with stamped fabric, thread, needle, die cut embossed card, envelope and complete instructions

  • Price: $9.25

Tivoli 4 Crochet Afghans (Tivoli_2206)

4 Beautiful Afghans to Crochet

  • Price: $8.50

Tivoli Aran (Tivoli_2371)

A Ladies Sweater to Knit

  • Price: $6.95

Tivoli Aranmore (Tivoli_1916)

A Lady's Sailor Collat Jacket to Knit

  • Price: $10.95

Tivoli Bainin Aranmore (Tivoli_374)

A vintage collection (circa 1971) featuring Hot Pants, a one-piece suit and tops to Knit or Crochet

  • Price: $7.75

Tivoli Bainin Aranmore (Tivoli_705)

A Hat, Scarf, Mittens and Bag to Knit

  • Price: $6.75

Tivoli Mirage Jacket (Tivoli_1555)

A Mirage Jacket to Knit

  • Price: $6.95

TNNA How to Embroider and Cross Stitch #01042

A 40-page tutorial on the arts of Embroidery and Cross Stitch

  • Price: $11.50

Tomorrow’s Heirlooms Bear Babies (TH-10)

A vintage book (circa 1983) featuring Bear Babies including Eddy, Betty, Freddy, Netty, a wardrobe, diaperstacker, infant seat cover and more

  • Price: $11.95

Tomorrow’s Heirlooms Crocheted Elegance (TH-20)

A collection of 11 elegant and heirloom quality crochet projects including a butterfly pillow, hoop projects (cameo, cosage, rosette, flower garden, roses, dogwood), placemat edging, napkin ring and more by Jerry Davis

  • Price: $12.25

Traditional Japanese Design Motifs by Joseph D'Addetta

a creative craftman's guide

  • Price: $19.95

Traditional Japanese Stencil Designs edited by Clarence Hornung

A perfect design book for artists, craft enthousiasts and needlework artisans.

  • Price: $20.50

Treasury of Art Nouveau Design & Ornaments

Wow! 577 illustrations depicting Art Nouveau from the 1894!

  • Price: $18.95

Treasury of Chinese Design Motifs

This collection is grouped in 8 categories- a perfect opportunity for the creative artist.

  • Price: $26.75

Treasury of Flower Designs by Susan Gaber

A fascinate collection of unique designs

  • Price: $16.95

Trendsetter ‘4 Crochet Designs’ (Trendsetter_1993TJ

4 Crochet Designs fora Bobbled Cardigan, a Bobbled Hat, a Floral Squares Pullover and a Beret

  • Price: $9.75

Tripp & Trask Footprints Thru Southwest Virginia (TrippTrask_3)

8 nostalgic cross stitch charts of ‘Foorprints Thru Souwest Virginia by Tripp and Trask Designs

  • Price: $8.75

Trish Designs Simply Scarves

A collection of 8 easy-to-make scarf designs PLUS a workbook tutorial to design your own scarf patterns

  • Price: $21.95

Tristan Brooks ‘Litlle Secrets Blue Bunny Stencil #LS5'

Pre-stenciled Fabric of a Blue Bunny

  • Price: $7.75

Tristan Brooks ’Ducks Stencil Patterns #T3'

Ducks Stencil Patterns

  • Price: $7.25

Tristan Brooks ’Stencil and Stitch Antique Toys #TS5''

Stencil and Stitch Designs of Antique Toys

  • Price: $7.25

Tristan Brooks ’Stencil and Stitch Basket Chums #TS6''

Stencil and Stitch Designs of Basket Chums

  • Price: $7.25

Tristan Brooks ’Stencil and Stitch Country Alphabet #TS8'

Stencil and Stitch Country Alphabet

  • Price: $7.25

Tulip Time Needlepoint Design ‘Pegasus_816'

Tulip Time Needlepoint Design on 12-count Penelope Canvas Size: 24/20 Canvas Size: 22/16 Designed by Marty Bell

  • Price: $79.00

Two Card Cases (YoungAtHeart_Folder17)

A Circles and Bars Card Case and a Fkowers and Butterflies Card Case in Needlepoint By Joan Young

  • Price: $925.00

Two Pullovers to Knit (Land_Leaf172)

2 pullovers to Knit

  • Price: $6.95

Tyler Country 'Fantasy Swans'

This pattern includes easy and complete instructions on how to make a pillow-size Swan as well as a baby-size Swan by Helen Tyler

  • Price: $9.75

Unger 'Lovely' (Unger_131)

6 Softer Look Designs to Knit including a Cardigan, Shell and Cap set, Surplice sweater, Hairpin Shawl and a Ribbed Slipover

  • Price: $8.95

Unger Afgans to Knit and Crochet #290

8 American traditional afghans

  • Price: $12.95

Unger Knobby Knits for the Leisure Life ‘Unger_198'

A Tunic, Cap, Slipover and Cardigan Using a Knobby Yarn

  • Price: $8.25

Unger- pair of D-4510/D4506 Knits ‘Unger_D4510/D4506'

A pair of 2 booklets featuring 6 fun designs to knit

  • Price: $8.95

Unger- pair of Kitting Designs D4509/D4501 ‘Unger_D4509/4501'

A vintage pair of knitting designs (circa 1979'

  • Price: $7.50

Utopia Afghans by Unger

Four Afghans in worsted weight yarn

  • Price: $7.75

Valentino '2 Cardigans for Men' (Valentino_154/160)

A Cardigans to Knit for Men: A Beige Cardigan and a Waves Cardigan

  • Price: $9.25

Valentino 'Cardigan and Sweater' (Valentino_7D/158)

A White/Blue Cardigan to Knit in English and a Sweater to Knit in Italian

  • Price: $8.25

Valeria di Roma Angora #VR51

7 beautiful creations to knit

  • Price: $14.95

Valeria di Roma Angora #VR52

5 fashions to Knit with angora

  • Price: $14.95

Vendome Alexandra Loren (Vendome_803)

A beautiful cardigan to knit designed by Alexandra Vendome

  • Price: $7.25

Vendome Folio (Vendome_710B/1071

A Maxime Skirt and a Butterfly to Knit by Alexandra Loren

  • Price: $6.95

Verena Craft Creations

Craft designs for fun and decor

  • Price: $13.95

Verena Craft Creations E814

In German only with colorful illustrations and charts where applicable

  • Price: $13.95

Veronese Crochet Lace ‘Nuova_262443'

An exquisite 114-page hard-back book of history and Crochet Lace instructions by 3 Veronese atisans in English and Italian

  • Price: $42.00

Village Stitchery Butterfly and Farmer (VillageStitchery_Leaf3)

The Butterfly and the Farm Couple in Counting Cross Stitch by Lois Winston

  • Price: $6.95

Village Stitchery Sun and Snow (VillageStitchery_Leaf2)

Sun and Snow in Counted Cross Stitch by Lois Winston

  • Price: $6.95

Virginia Lakin Doll Crochet Book #12

A vintage collection (circa 1972) of 9 Crochet designs for the 11 1/2 Girl Teen Doll including Queen Elizabeth The First

  • Price: $14.95

Virginia Lakin Doll Knitting and Crocheting #7

A vintage Collection (circa 1966) of  12 Doll Knitting and Crocheting 

  • Price: $14.95

Virginia Lakin Doll Knitting and Crocheting Magazine #21

A vintage collection (circa 1986) of 12 designs for Crocheting and Knitting 

  • Price: $14.95

Virginia Lakin The 'Little Sisters' Doll Knitting Book #5

A vintage collection (circa 1965) of Knitting designs for the full wardrobe for the 8-8 1/2 - 9-91/2" Little Girl Dolls*

  • Price: $14.95

Virginia Lakin's Doll Knitting and Crocheting Magazine #4

A Collection of Vintage designs (circa 1968) of Knitting and Crocheting the complete wardrobe for 8" and 14" Dolls

  • Price: $14.95

Virginia Lakin's Petite Doll Knitting Book #1

A vintage collection (circa 1971) Knitted and crocheted wardrobe for 11-11 1/2 " Dolls

  • Price: $14.95

Virginia Lakin's Revised Petite Bazaar Knitting Book#3

A revised vintage collection (circa 1963)of knits for the full wardrobe for doll sizes 8,9,10 and 12 inch Dolls

  • Price: $14.95

Virginia' Doll and Crochet #16

A vintage collection (circa 1975) of Doll and Crochet for Audrey, Sunshine, Bardby and Kewpie Dolls

  • Price: $14.95

Virginia's Knitting and Crochet for Little Baby Dolls #6

A vintage collection (circa 1965) of Knitting and Crocheting designs for baby dolls for size 7" to 12"

  • Price: $14.95

Vogue Knitting Fall 2014

Vogue Knitting Fall 2014

A great time to knit while contemplating snow storms.

  • Price: $6.99

Vogue Knitting Holiday 1987

Vogue Knitting Holiday 1987

A great season for the creative knitter!

  • Price: $26.50

Vogue Knitting Holiday 2016 ‘VogueKnitting_Holiday2016'

Ths is a sensational issue of Vogue Knitting emphasizing Modern Classics featuring 24 Big Easy designs including shawls, mosaic wraps, jackets, sweaters plus classic designs and a tutorial by Deborah Newton.

  • Price: $7.99

Vogue Knitting Late Winter 2017 ‘VogueKnitting_LateWinter2017'

A Vogue Knitting Collection of 24 Late Winter 2017 designs for the creative knitter

  • Price: $7.99

Vogue Knitting Magazine ‘VogueKnitting_Winter2016/17'

An 114-page thesaurus of beautiful knits including cord weaving, brioche, cables, bobbles and more

  • Price: $7.99

Vogue Knitting- Early Fall 2015

Vogue Knitting- Early Fall 2015

A new edition by Vogue due to popular demand

  • Price: $6.99

Vogue Knitting- Fall 2000

Vogue Knitting- Fall 2000

a unique collection for the adventurous and knitter on the GO!

  • Price: $8.95

Weave It Designs for Baby by HERO (Hero_9)

A vintage collection (circa 1967) featuring over 20 nostalgic weaving designs for babies including booties, baby afghans, bonnets, his/hers twin outfits and more

  • Price: $18.95

Welcomme 'Fall Winter 36' (Welcomme_36)

A superb collection of 16 stylish Fall Winter Knits featuring Jackets, Sweaters, Cardigans and more for Men and Women

  • Price: $26.00

Welcomme ‘Maxi-Mohair #Snip4L'

Two Pulovers to Knit with Maxi-Mohair

  • Price: $8.25

Welcomme ‘Multi-Mohair #Snip4K'

A Multi-Mohair Sweater to Knit

  • Price: $6.95

Welcomme ‘Multi-Mohair #Snip4M'

A Woman’s Cabled Multi-Mohair Sweater to Knit

  • Price: $6.95

Welcomme ‘Super Mohair #Snip4'

A collection of 10 designer styles to Knit with Super Mohair

  • Price: $12.50

Welcomme ’Tweedy Sport#Snip4N'

A Sleeveless Vest to Knit with Tweedy Sport

  • Price: $6.95

Welcomme ’Two-Tone Jacket #Snip4P'

A Two-tone Jacket to Knit

  • Price: $6.95

Welcomme ’Vest and Dress#Snip4Q'

A Long Vest and a Dress to Knit

  • Price: $8.25

Wendy Capri Collection (Wendy_WA271)

A beautiful summer collection featuring over 20 surprising variations including sweaters, cardigans, skirts, tops and more

  • Price: $22.50

Wendy Colllection 362 (Wendy_362)

A collection of 14 Knits for Men and Women including sweaters, cardigans, dresses, skirt, waistecoats,His/Hers and more

  • Price: $14.95

Wendy 'Hats Galore in Monaco' (Wendy_Monaco)

6 trendy English style hats in Monaco to Knit

  • Price: $7.95

White Birches Simply Circular ‘HouseOfWhiteBirches_121058'

A collection of 10 spectacular Simply Circular knitting projects 

  • Price: $29.95

White Buffalo From The West #104

Enjoy knitting s man's zippered Cowichan Vest and a Lady's Shades of Blue Vest

  • Price: $10.25

White Buffalo Unspun Yarn Creations #1420

A Lady's Sundance cardigan and a Man's Indian Blanket cardigan using unspun yarn

  • Price: $10.95

Willmaur Crafts ‘Navy ‘ Designs (WillmaurCrafts_56)

A large-sized Navy Emblem and 2 related cross stitch designs by Willmaur Crafts

  • Price: $14.50

Winter Scarf Collection by Dawn Brocco

A collection of 6 unique winter scarves using bulky yarns by Dawn Brocco

  • Price: $13.25

WonderArt Lighthouse Stitchery Kit ‘WonderArt_5116'

A Lighthouse Stitchery Kit that includes 100% Cotton Fabric, stamped design, 100% wool yarn, needle and easy-to-follow instructions. Size: 5” x 7”. Frame not included.

  • Price: $10.95

Wool Gathering 'Knitted Dickeys' (WoolGathering_40)

A blog-like newsletter featuring Knitted Dickeys by Elizabeth Zimmerman

  • Price: $6.00

WoolBureau 'Wool Library 4' (WoolBureau_Library4)

An informative tabloid on wool benefits, guidelines, wool care,glossary of styling and structure and performance benefits.

  • Price: $7.95

Woolshed and Ewe Sheep Collection (Woolshed_SC1)

Five Sheep designs in cross stitch

  • Price: $7.75

Workbasket Bunches of Bookmarks #WBS_1142

A classic collation of 10 bookmarks to Tat, Crochet and Cross Stitch

  • Price: $12.25

WorkBasket Collars to Knit and Crochet #86675-303-6

A 74-page vintage collection (circa 1989) of 23 Collars to Knit and Crochet by Aunt Ellen's Treasury

  • Price: $15.95

Workbasket Creative Kitchenware #WBS_KC

A classic collection of 5 projects: 3 to Knit and 2 to Huck

  • Price: $12.25

Workbasket Crochet Motifs #WBS_1184

A classic collection of 5 unique Crochet motifs for tablecloths place mats, bedspreads and more

  • Price: $12.25

Workbasket Crocheted Christmas Ornaments #WBS_1176

A classic collection of 9 Christmas Ornaments to Crochet

  • Price: $12.25

Workbasket Knit Slippers for Lille Nippers #WBS_1111

5 knit slippers for Little Nippers

  • Price: $12.25

Workbasket Lovely Laces to Crochet, Tat and Knit #86675-306-0

A classic collection of 15 lovely laces to Crochet, Knit and Tat

  • Price: $15.95

WorkBasket Magazine 'January, 1990'

WorkBasket Magazine 'January, 1990'

A vintage collectable (circa 1990' Home Arts Magazine featuring lovely native designs of the American Southwest for Crochet, Knitting, Tatting, Stitching, Sewing, Crafts plus American Southwest Foods and Gardening and more

  • Price: $14.50

WorkBasket Magazine 'March 1949'

WorkBasket Magazine 'March 1949'

A rare vintage collectable featuring ideas for bazaars, home, gifts, spare time money-makers and more

  • Price: $11.25

WorkBasket Magazine 'October, 1990'

A vintage collectable (circa 1990) Home Arts Magazine featuring colorful creations including Knitting, Tatting, Crochet, Crafts, Recipes, Gardening and more

  • Price: $10.95

Workbasket Mini Crochet Motifs #WBS 1155

A classic collection of 10 Crochet projects in 2 sizes each

  • Price: $12.25

Workbasket Stitchin' Time #86675-305-2

A classic collection of 21 projects in Plastic Canvas and Cross-Stitch

  • Price: $15.95

WorkBasket ‘Vintage to Vogue_494212'

A 130-page collection of 35 Knit Crochet Classics featuring the Best of Workbasket Magazine 

  • Price: $36.50

Year Around Needlework Magazine ‘YearAround_Premier'

The Premier Issue of the YearAround Needlework and Craft Ideas featuring over 30 fabulous Christmas projects

  • Price: $10.75

YouAndMe Patterns ‘Abbey County Stencil Styles #560'

Stencil Designs for Home Decor

  • Price: $9.75

YouAndMe Patterns ‘Americana Stencil Styles #550'

Americana Stencils Styles for placemats, albums and other creative projects

  • Price: $9.75

YouAndMe Patterns ‘Wood Duck Stencil Styles #530'

A Wood Duck Stencil to make various projects

  • Price: $9.75

Young at Heart (JoanYoung_Folder5)

A Check Book Cover (circa 1978) featuring a CheckBook Cover in Needlepoint by Joan Young

  • Price: $8.75

Young at Heart (YoungAtHeart_Folder5)

A Glass Case in Needlepoint by Joan Young

  • Price: $8.50

Young at Heart Eye Glass Case (YoungAtHeart_Folder12)

An Eye Glass Case in Needlepoint by Joan Young

  • Price: $8.50

Yours Truly 'Fanfare Purse Pattern' (YoursTruly_0578)

A Fanfare Purse Pattern to make with Fabric and Quilt batting

  • Price: $6.00

Yours Truly ‘Alphabet Friends’ (YoursTruly_3071)

A ZigZag Sewing machine Applique Pattern with instructions

  • Price: $6.50

Yours Truly ‘Bunny Sampler’ (YoursTruly_6207)

A large cross stitch Bunny sampler with variations plus an alphabet chart

  • Price: $8.50

Yours Truly ‘Chattanooga Choo-Choo’ (YoursTruly_3001)

A Patchwork Applique Pattern for a Choo choo train for hand or machine

  • Price: $6.80

Yours Truly ‘Cottontail’ (YoursTruly_3003)

A Patchwork Design for a Cottontail with flowers by Kathy Erwin

  • Price: $6.00

Yours Truly ‘Fanfare Purse’ (YoursTruly_1978T)

A Patchwork pattern of a Fanfare Purse

  • Price: $6.95

Yours Truly ‘Ollie Octous’ (YoursTruly_3091)

A Zigzag Sewing Machine Applique Pattern of Ollie Octopus

  • Price: $6.25

Yours Truly ‘Seminole Patchwork #932946'

A 52-page Seminole Patchwork Book featuring Clothing, Decor and Accessories

  • Price: $21.95

Yours Truly ’A Rose is .. Machine Applique’ (YoursTruly_3093)

A Zigzag Sewing Machine Applique Pattern of ‘A Rose is a Rose'

  • Price: $5.95

Yours Truly ’Bev’s Reversible Doll’ (YoursTruly_3729)

A Patchwork Pattern for Bev’s Reversible Doll

  • Price: $8.90

Yours Truly ’Dingy Bird Machine Applique’ (YoursTruly_3081)

A Zigzag Sweing Machine Aplique pattern of Dingy Bird

  • Price: $5.95

Yours Truly ’Happy Moon Machine Applique’ (YoursTruly_3075)

A ZigZag Sewing Macine Applique Pattern of Happy Moon

  • Price: $5.95

Yours Truly ’Lazy Ottr Machine Applique’ (YoursTruly_3089)

A Zigzag Sewing Machine Applique of Lazy Otter

  • Price: $5.95

Yours Truly ’Split-Leaf Philodendron'’ (YoursTruly_3703)

A Zigzag Sewing Machine Applique Pattern of Split-Leaf Philodendron

  • Price: $7.50

Zweigart(R) AidaPlus Bunnies (EZCrafts_4786)

Nine charted designs of Bunnies for stitching on Zweigart(R) AidaPlus(tm)

  • Price: $10.25

Pegasus Indian Lore #183 Fancy Dancer

The kit includes the full book of 5 charted designs, the fabric, floss, and needle for the Fancy Dancer

  • Price: $34.65

Schulana #14

A collection of 13 Fall Wunter designs to knit including sweaters, a jacket, and 4 hats.

  • Price: $13.95

Schulana #19 Fall Winter Collection

A trendy collection of 17 Fall Winter designs to Knit including sweasters, a jacket, cardigans and pullovers.

  • Price: $19.95

Schulana #22- a gorgeous Spring Summer Collection

A gorgeous collection of 19 Spring Summer Collection designs to knit featuring elegant silks and cottons.

  • Price: $18.95

Schulana #23

An elegant collection of 26 designs to Knit including coats, tunics, sweaters and more.

  • Price: $17.95

Schulana Spring Summer

A beautiful Collection of 17 designs to Knit including tops, a dress, puul overs, a hat and 2 bags

  • Price: $13.95


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